Elected Officials

Name Office Contact
John Bel Edwards Governor, D 225-239-7040
William “Billy” Nungesser Lieutenant Governor, R 504-433-1200
Kyle Ardoin Secretary of State, R 225-922-2880
“Jeff” Landry Attorney General, R 337-500-1771
“Bill” Cassidy U.S. Senator, R 225-726-7570
John Kennedy U.S. Senator, R 225-930-9033
John M. Schroder State Treasurer N/A
Michael G. “Mike” Strain Commissioner – Department of Agriculture and Forestry, R 225-771-8942
James J. “Jim” Donelon Commissioner – Department of Insurance, R 504-455-6503
“Mike” Johnson U.S. House Representative – 4th Congressional District, R N/A
Scott Crichton Associate Justice – 2nd Supreme Court District of Louisiana, R 318-510-8000
Shonda Stone Judge, Court of Appeal – 2nd Circuit, 3rd Dist., Elec. Sect. 1A, D 318-227-3750
Frances Pitman Judge, Court of Appeal – 2nd Circuit, 3rd Dist., Elec. Sect. 2B, R 318-226-6819
Jeanette Garrett Judge, Court of Appeal – 2nd Circuit, 3rd Dist., Elec. Sect. 2C, NP N/A
Foster Campbell Public Service Commission – District 5, D 318-746-2078
Michael Melerine Member, BESE – District 4, R N/A
Barrow Peacock State Senator – 37th Senatorial District, R 318-518-0812
Barry Milligan State Senator – 38th Senatorial District, R 318-771-1188
Gregory Tarver State Senator – 39th Senatorial District, D 318-227-1499
Danny McCormick State Representative – 1st Representative District, R 318-403-8454
Samuel L. “Sam” Jenkins, Jr. State Representative – 2nd Representative District, D 318-631-1608
Tammy Phelps State Representative – 3rd Representative District, D 318-453-1006
Cedric B. Glover State Representative – 4th Representative District, D 318-780-2977
Alan Seabaugh State Representative – 5th Representative District, R 318-200-0160
Thomas Pressly State Representative – 6th Representative District, R 318-459-8402

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