Still Feeling the “Bern”?

Okay, so you believe that socialism has its positive effects? Just to make sure we are comparing “apples to apples” here, let’s define socialism first. One definition of socialism is that it’s the transitional stage between capitalism and communism, according to Karl Marx, as further explained in his Communist Manifesto. You are okay with that? Socialism is also commonly referred to as a system of society, or group living, in which there is no private property. Still feeling the “Bern”?

Well, here’s the reality: Socialism is a “lose-lose” proposition because, in order to “spread the wealth” you first have to confiscate it from those that earned it.

And then all of the government spending you do, with the money you confiscated, does not create any wealth. Wealth is created from the industry of our fellow citizens. And even if you still feel the “Bern” about socialism, and believe that wealth redistribution (through higher taxes and a more centralized government) will create a more utopian society, what happens, as Margaret Thatcher said, when you run out of everyone else’s money?

Sanders 45%, Trump 41%

Are Democrats on track to nominate the wrong candidate? Hillary Clinton has now fallen behind Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, while Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders edges out the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S.